Adding Joy To Your Life

Their playful attitude and intelligent demeanor bring great joy to their family members.

A Loyal Family Member

This extremely friendly and playful dog has deep bonds with its family and children.

The Ultimate Work Dog

Keen and intelligent with strong herding instincts makes this a great dog for the farm.


Round Point’s “Ginger” was born in August 2018. She was our first Mini Aussie and holds such a dear place in our hearts. she likes nothing better than being with us and putting her head on our laps for some attention and love.  She is a Red Tri and is 17.5″ tall and 37 lbs. She is ASDR registered and Genetic Health Tested through Paw Print Genetics. Her test results are found here.

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Renaissance Farm's Round Point "Dusty" was born in May of 2022. He is dual AKC/ASDR registered. He is an absolutely beautiful boy and he is so gentle and loving with our children.  He is a Red Merle with 2 blue...



Round Point's "Rosie" was born on November 21, 2020 from our very own Ginger. She is a black tri with 2 stunning blue eyes. She is 17" tall and 29 lbs. She is ASDR registered and Genetic Health Tested...